Clearing & Custody

Etico Partners, LLC (“Etico”) introduces its business on a fully disclosed basis to RBC Correspondent Services (“RBC CS”). RBC CS is a full-service clearing and execution firm providing services to various FINRA registered security broker-dealers. RBC CS is a division of RBC Capital Markets, LLC (“RBC Capital Markets”), one of the nation’s largest full-service brokerage firms. In addition to Etico, RBC CS conducts clearing operations for well over 100 other correspondents across the country.

As Etico’s clearing firm, RBC CS will perform certain centralized cashiering, bookkeeping, and execution functions for customer cash and margin accounts. In addition, RBC CS will handle the delivery and receipt of securities purchased or sold by clients, receive and distribute dividends and other distributions, process exchange offers, rights offerings, warrant exercises, tender offers, and redemptions. Checks for securities transactions should be made payable to RBC CS. Inquiries and all correspondence regarding your account should be directed to Etico Partners, LLC at (518)348-0060.

Customer account assets are protected by the Securities Investors Protection Corporation (“SIPC”) and an additional policy purchased from Lloyd’s of London. The policy provides an additional $99.5 million per client of coverage for securities above that provided by SIPC, subject to a $400 million aggregate limit. This includes protection for cash up to $900,000 over the $250,000 provided by SIPC. Neither SIPC protection, nor the protection in excess of that provided by SIPC, covers a decline in the value of a customer’s assets due to market loss. For more information about SIPC, please view the organization’s web site: